Congratulations to Generation X for pulling off what I thought would never happen in my lifetime!   They’ve broken the Christian hop hop barrier (similar to, and just as difficult as breaking the sound barrier – LMBO), by creating something that is actually cool and ear friendly.

No offense to the artists of the past that may have paved the way for the new schoolers.  I need to fess up though…..  I never have liked Christian rap.  Why?  Because it wasn’t good, to me.  I hate to compare it to secular rap, but that’s all that I had to compare it to.  The options that I had growing up in the 80’s – 90’s were things like “Gangsta Gospel”.  The name alone was a put off, and the music was even worse than it’s name.  But thank God!  The day has finally come for now old school Gen Y’ers like myself that have been patiently waiting for the next generation to bring us quality hip hop music with thoughtful lyrics, that don’t mimic secular rap too closely (“gangsta”, using too much of the same language, wearing the exact same clothing, gold teeth, etc),  while not being so “holy” that it’s corny.  Yeah, I said it.  Just being honest 😉  LOL.

It looks like the Gen X’ers have officially pulled off the impossible.  I’m really digging this right now, and almost can’t believe what I’m witnessing.  It’s kind of cheating because they European (UK based), but I’ll take it nonetheless.  Thoughtful lyrics, creative ideas and word arrangements, dress that’s not trying to hard to imitate pop culture, good beats, and just good music – I introduce to you “A Yellow Man”.  I love the reason that they give behind their group name.


Darn!  They took this video down.  Sorry about that….  This was one of the best songs that I had heard from them.  Oh well, hopefully they’ll drop the album soon.

“My Lyrics Are Alive” Video: