Okay, I’m on a roll here.  I found yet another DOPE MC from London, UK.  This fella goes by the name of “S.O.” – Seun Otukpe.  In 2004, he dedicated his life to Christ and gave up his pursuit of fame and fortune to serve the Lord.  By 2010 he completed a degree in Theology at Durham University.

It’s uplifting to see God using a generation of guys who are preaching solid doctrine through rhymes.  I can’t lie, I’m also a fan because this dude is a product of Calvary Chapel – Calvary Chapel South London Chapel, UK.  He’s a testimony of what God can do with people’s lives when they’re committed to growing through the slow and steady teaching of the Word.  I mean this guy has only been saved for 8 years, and listen to the depth of his lyrics!?!?  Incredible.  That’s the power of uncompromised expository preaching – Line upon line, verse upon.

Here are a several tracks that I really like:

“So it Begins” –

“Love Is” –

“Lows and Highs” –

You can download the full album for free here:
S.O. – Free album download

Yes, it’s completely legit.  At this point I think his record label is just trying to market his name to get more exposure. Enjoy 😉