I searched high and low on the internet  for an annual bible reading schedule that had certain features, but couldn’t find one that I liked.   I wanted a reading schedule that allowed the user to click on a link that would take them straight to the day’s scriptures, and a very concise (1-2 paragraph) summary of the text.  Since I couldn’t find one that combined all of these features in one place, I took features that I liked in several of them and combined them together here.

Daily Bible Reading Schedule


1)  Annual reading  schedule is now complete (Genesis – Revelation)
2)  Leftmost column now contains the Book of the bible making it easier
     to find a book and chapter
3)  Book of bible in leftmost column is a link that automatically loads
     the audio version of each book.  Click on it and give it a try.  Hint:
     If it doesn’t automatically start playing then reselect a translation/
     version in the left drop down menu and it should start playing shortly after.

More updates coming soon!

Book Date Daily Reading Brief Commentary
Genesis 1-Jan Genesis 1-3 * In The Beginning, GOD, N Sween
2-Jan Genesis 4-7  * Rebellion and Obedience, N Sween
3-Jan Genesis 8-11  * God Remembered Noah, N Sween
4-Jan Genesis 12-15  * Leave…And Go, N Sween
5-Jan Genesis 16-18  * What It’s Like To Be Chosen, N Sween
6-Jan Genesis 19-21  * Rated “X”, N Sween
7-Jan Genesis 22-23  * Faith and Sacrifice, Theophilus
8-Jan Genesis 24-25  * Birthright, N Sween
9-Jan Genesis 26-27  * Isaac’s Life Story, N Sween
10-Jan Genesis 28-30  * Jacob’s Family, N Sween
11-Jan Genesis 31-32 * He Struggles With God, N Sween (also Reunited, G. Burnett)
12-Jan Genesis 33-35  * Hard Times In Canaan, N Sween
13-Jan Genesis 36-38  * Increasing In Number, N Sween
14-Jan Genesis 39-41  * Favor and Intervention, N Sween
15-Jan Genesis 42-43  * Testing, Testing, 1-2-3, N Sween
16-Jan Genesis 44-46  * “That’s Funny – You Don’t LOOK Jewish”, Alan Gilman
17-Jan Genesis 47-50 * Shepherd At The Right Hand, Bob Mendelsohn
* Joseph Wept, N Sween
Exodus 18-Jan Exodus 1-3 * Slavery in Egypt, D Bass
19-Jan Exodus 4-6 * Answering the LORD’s Call, N Sween
20-Jan Exodus 7-8 * Hard Hearts and Plagues, B Mendelsohn
21-Jan Exodus 9-11 * Who Is The LORD?, N Sween
22-Jan Exodus 12-13 * Passover, Chabad.org
23-Jan Exodus 14-16 * Obedience School, N Sween
24-Jan Exodus 17-19 * Organizing and Setting Boundaries, N Sween
25-Jan Exodus 20-22 * Commandments, D McCune
26-Jan Exodus 23-25 * Book of the Covenant, N Sween
27-Jan Exodus 26-27 * Blueprints for Moveable Worship, N Sween
28-Jan Exodus 28-29 * The Priests, N Sween
29-Jan Exodus 30-31 * Concluding His Testimony, N Sween
30-Jan Exodus 32-34 * That We May Know The LORD, N Sween
31-Jan Exodus 35-36 * Weekly Rest and Tabernacle Work, N Sween
1-Feb Exodus 37-38 * Tabernacle Details, N Sween
2-Feb Exodus 39-40 * Holiness To The LORD, N Sween
Leviticus 3-Feb Leviticus 1-4 * Worship Offerings, N Sween
4-Feb Leviticus 5-7 * Instructions for Priests, Sween
5-Feb Leviticus 8-10 * The Consuming Fire, Sween
6-Feb Leviticus 11-13:28 * Diet, Babies, and Skin Disease, Sween
7-Feb Leviticus 13:29-14:57 * Health Issues, Sween
8-Feb Leviticus 15-17 * Disease Control and Atonement, Sween
9-Feb Leviticus 18-20 * Customs Check, Sween
10-Feb Leviticus 21-23:22 * Higher Standard, Hoekstra
11-Feb Leviticus 23:23-25:46 * Obey and Celebrate, Sween
12-Feb Leviticus 25:47-27:34 * Redemption, Sween
Numbers 13-Feb Numbers 1-2 Counting Able Bodied Men, N Sween
14-Feb Numbers 3:1-4:33 The Sons of Levi, Sween
15-Feb Numbers 4:34-6:27 Final Count, Clean up, Jealosy, Nazarite Vow, Blessing, Sween
16-Feb Numbers 7 Dedication, by Sween
17-Feb Numbers 8-10 Blessed, Organized, Ready to Move, Sween
18-Feb Numbers 11:1-13:29 When is Complaining, Rebelling?, Sween
19-Feb Numbers 13:30-14:24 Godly Minority Report, Bass
20-Feb Numbers 14:25-16:27 Evaluating Leadership, Sween
21-Feb Numbers 16:28-18:32 God’s Ways, Not Your Ways, Sween
22-Feb Numbers 19-21 Red Heifer and Moving On, Sween
23-Feb Numbers 22-24 Balaam, Sween
24-Feb Numbers 25-26 Phinehas, Sween
25-Feb Numbers 27-30 Out of the Wilderness, Sween
26-Feb Numbers 31-32 War and Ranching, Sween
27-Feb Numbers 33-35 The Value of a Human Life, Weisberg
28-Feb Numbers 36, Inheritance Issues #1, Sween
Deuteronomy 1-Mar Deuteronomy 1-2 * History of the Middle East, by N Sween
2-Mar Deuteronomy 3-4 * Getting Our Affairs In Order, by Sween
3-Mar Deuteronomy 5-7 * Committed to the LORD, by Sween
4-Mar Deuteronomy 8-10 * Growing Up With God the Father, by Sween
5-Mar Deuteronomy 11-15 * The Lord’s Plan for Israel, by Sween
6-Mar Deuteronomy 16-18 * Provisions for Israel, by N Sween
7-Mar Deuteronomy 19-21 * More Legal Points, by Sween
8-Mar Deuteronomy 22-24 * Various Laws, by Sween
9-Mar Deuteronomy 25-27 * Living By Law and Covenant, by Sween
10-Mar Deuteronomy 28 * Alternate Reality – What If…, by Sween
11-Mar Deuteronomy 29-31 * Covenant Life, by Sween
12-Mar Deuteronomy 32-34 * Moses, the Man of God, by Sween
Joshua 13-Mar Joshua 1-4 * Crossing the Jordan River, by N Sween
14-Mar Joshua 5-7 * Victory and Defeat, by Sween
15-Mar Joshua 8-10 * The Invasion Begins, by Sween
16-Mar Joshua 11-14 * Fighting for the Land, for the LORD, by Sween
17-Mar Joshua 15-17 * Dividing up the Land, by Sween
18-Mar Joshua 18-20 * Carving Up Canaan, by N Sween
19-Mar Joshua 21-22 * The Levites, The Priests, by Sween
20-Mar Joshua 23-24 * And In Conclusion…, by Sween
Judges 21-Mar Judges 1-3 The Time of the Judges, by Rabbi Spiro, Aish.com
22-Mar Judges 4-6 Studies in Leadership: Deborah and Gideon
23-Mar Judges 7-10 Measuring Success
24-Mar Judges 11-13 Of Victory and Defeat
25-Mar Judges 14-17 Samson
26-Mar Judges 18-20:13 “I’ll Do It My Way”
27-Mar Judges 20:14-21:25 Dealing With Sin By War
Ruth 28-Mar Ruth 1-4 Ruth and the Redeemer
1 Samuel 29-Mar 1 Samuel 1-3 Hannah Prayed, Samuel Listened
30-Mar 1 Samuel 4-7 Guesswork and Misunderstandings
31-Mar 1 Samuel 8-11 Different Perspectives: Samuel and Saul
1-Apr 1 Samuel 12-14 What Must We Do To Be Saved?
2-Apr 1 Samuel 15-17:37 Who Is This David of Bethlehem?
3-Apr 1 Samuel 17:38-20:17 King Saul
4-Apr 1 Samuel 20:18-23:29 David on the Run
5-Apr 1 Samuel 24-26 Chasing David
6-Apr 1 Samuel 27-31 The Philistines: Success or Failure?
2 Samuel 7-Apr 2 Samuel 1-2 Fighting For The Promise
8-Apr 2 Samuel 3-5 Power Plays
9-Apr 2 Samuel 6-9 Getting Stronger and Stronger
10-Apr 2 Samuel 10-12 Lust Fulfilled Despises the LORD
11-Apr 2 Samuel 13-14 “One Sin Drags Another”
12-Apr 2 Samuel 15-17 David’s Punishment
13-Apr 2 Samuel 18-19 Counting the Cost of Sin
14-Apr 2 Samuel 20-22 Deceit, Rebellion, More War, and a So
15-Apr 2 Samuel 23-24 King David’s Later Life
1 Kings 16-Apr 1 Kings 1 * Asking for the Promise
17-Apr 1 Kings 2-3 * Solomon’s Early Days as King
18-Apr 1 Kings 4-6 * King Solomon’s Successes
19-Apr 1 Kings 7-8:21 * Building Houses
20-Apr 1 Kings 8:22-9:28 * Gaining and Losing God’s Blessing
21-Apr 1 Kings 10-11 * The Danger of a Sidetracked Heart
22-Apr 1 Kings 12-14:20 * Rehoboam and Jeroboam 
23-Apr 1 Kings 14:21-17:24 * 9 Kings and 2 Prophets
24-Apr 1 Kings 18-20 * Sin, Judgement, and Elijah
25-Apr 1 Kings 21-22 * Ahab, Jezebel, and Jehoshaphat
2 Kings 26-Apr 2 Kings 1-3 * War on Two Fronts, by Sween
27-Apr 2 Kings 4-5 * Who Will Believe Our Report?, Sween
28-Apr 2 Kings 6-8 * Living by Revelation, Sween – plus devotional
29-Apr 2 Kings 9-10 * Beheaded, Murdered, Slain for the LORD, Sween
30-Apr 2 Kings 11-14 * Rulers of Judah and Israel, Sween
1-May 2 Kings 15-17 * Israel Removed from Lord’s Presence, Sween
2-May 2 Kings 18-19 * The Beginning of the Reign of Hezekiah, by Bowler
3-May 2 Kings 20-23:6 * When A Ruler Weeps and Prays, Sween
4-May 2 Kings 23:7-25:30 * The Fall of Judah, Sween
1 Chronicles 5-May 1 Chronicles 1-6:59 * The Genealogies, by D Sween
6-May 1 Chronicles 6:60-9:23 * Why Learn History?, N Sween
7-May 1 Chronicles 9:24-12:40 * Like the Army of God, D Sween
8-May 1 Chronicles 13-16 * The Ark of the Covenant, N Sween
9-May 1 Chronicles 17-21:16 * When Humility Turns Arrogant, D Sween
10-May 1 Chronicles 21:17-24:31 * Seeking the LORD After Sinning, N Sween
11-May 1 Chronicles 25-27 * Organizational Lists, D Sween
12-May 1 Chronicles 28-29 * Living in a Theocracy, N Sween
2 Chronicles 13-May 2 Chronicles 1-4 * Solomon Builds the Temple, by N Sween
14-May 2 Chronicles 5-7 * The Shekinah Glory and The Cherubim, D Sween
15-May 2 Chronicles 8-11 * Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam, N Sween
16-May 2 Chronicles 12-16 * King Asa Made A Treaty, N Sween
17-May 2 Chronicles 17-20:23 * Ahab Outsmarts the Lord’s Prophet – Not, D Sween
18-May 2 Chronicles 20:24-23:21 * War and Peace, Murder and Deceipt, N Sween
19-May 2 Chronicles 24-26 * The Value of a Godly Leader, D Sween
20-May 2 Chronicles 27-29 * Battles, Blessings, and Punishment, N Sween
21-May 2 Chronicles 30-32 * Hezekiah On Revival and Testing, D Sween
22-May 2 Chronicles 33-34 * Revival Is Not Inherited, N Sween
23-May 2 Chronicles 35-36 * The End Of Judah, N Sween
Ezra 24-May Ezra 1-4 * Rebuilding Begins in Jerusalem, by D Sween
25-May Ezra 5-7 * Babylon-Persia Recognizes The God of Heaven, D Sween
26-May Ezra 8-10 * Repenting, Returning, Confessing, Correcting, D Sween
Nehemiah 27-May Nehemiah 1-3 * Nehemiah, Cupbearer to the King, N Sween
28-May Nehemiah 4-6 * Patience With A Purpose and A Plan, N Sween
29-May Nehemiah 7-8 * The Joy of the LORD is Your Strength, N Sween
30-May Nehemiah 9-10 * Worshiping the LORD’s Justice and Mercy With Facts, N Sween
31-May Nehemiah 11-13 * The Revival and Post-Revival Cleanup, N Sween
Esther 1-Jun Esther 1-4 * Jews Serving the King of Persia, N Sween
2-Jun Esther 5-10 * A New Celebration: Purim, D Sween
Job 3-Jun Job 1-4 * Have You Considered Job?, by N Sween
4-Jun Job 5-8 * If I Have Sinned, What Have I Done To You, Lord?, D Sween
5-Jun Job 9-12 * How Can I Do Anything But Plead With God?, N Sween
6-Jun Job 13-16 * If A Man Dies, Will He Live Again?, D Sween
7-Jun Job 17-21 * Who Else Will Put Up Security For Me?, N Sween
8-Jun Job 22-26 * Why Doesn’t the Almighty Set Times for Judgment?, N Sween
9-Jun Job 27-30 * But Where Can Wisdom Be Found?, N Sween
10-Jun Job 31-34 * What Will I Answer When Called To Account?, N Sween
11-Jun Job 35-38 * Do You Know How God Controls The Clouds?, N Sween
12-Jun Job 39-42 * Does The Eagle Soar At Your Command?, N Sween
Psalm 13-Jun Psalms 1-8 * What does the word “blessed” mean? 
14-Jun Psalms 9-16 * Why do I respond to God with praise? 
15-Jun Psalms 17-20 * How can I change the way I talk and act? 
16-Jun Psalms 21-25 * How did David respond to God after a victory? 
17-Jun Psalms 26-31 * What can I ask the Lord to do for me? What pleases Him? 
18-Jun Psalms 32-35 * What can I ask the Lord to do about my sins? 
19-Jun Psalms 36-39 * What makes someone wicked? 
20-Jun Psalms 40-44 * Why wait patiently for the LORD to make changes..? 
21-Jun Psalms 45-50 * What will the Messiah be like? 
22-Jun Psalms 51-56 * Why does David rely upon God’s mercy…? 
23-Jun Psalms 57-63 * Does God’s purpose for me come easily? 
24-Jun Psalms 64-68 * Have I complained to God re: noisy conspiracy of wicked terrorists? 
25-Jun Psalms 69-72 * How are insults to God insults to us? 
26-Jun Psalms 73-77 * What’s wrong with wanting to be like arrogant people? 
27-Jun Psalms 78-80 * What are parables? 
28-Jun Psalms 81-87 * How joyfully and loud do I celebrate the Lord God? 
29-Jun Psalms 88-91 * Am I ever depressed? 
30-Jun Psalms 92-100 * What causes some people to sing praises to God? 
1-Jul Psalms 101-104 * How does singing scripture help me apply the Lord’s discipline? 
2-Jul Psalms 105-106 * What’s my personal relationship with the Lord? 
3-Jul Psalms 107-111 * From what have I been redeemed? 
4-Jul Psalms 112-119:24 * Besides opening up wisdom, what does fearing the Lord mean? 
5-Jul Psalms 119:25-119:128 * What benefits does the Lord offer me when I’m low..? 
6-Jul Psalms 119:129-127:5 * How can I “unfold” the Lord’s words? 
7-Jul Psalms 128-137 * What blessings come from fearing and respecting the Lord? 
8-Jul Psalms 138-143 * What 2 things do I praise the Lord’s name for, no matter what? 
9-Jul Psalms 144-150 * Who trains me for war and battles? 
Proverbs 10-Jul Proverbs 1-2 * Applying the Lord’s Way To My Life
11-Jul Proverbs 3-6 * Creator’s Instructions – Human Choices
12-Jul Proverbs 7-10 * Learning Skills For Servants In Training
13-Jul Proverbs 11-14 * How Then Shall We Live?
14-Jul Proverbs 15-18 * Wisdom From The Lord
15-Jul Proverbs 19-22 * More Wise Sayings
16-Jul Proverbs 23-27 * Building Strength of Character
17-Jul Proverbs 28-31 * Wicked, Righteous, Rich, Poor, Men, and Women
Ecclesiastes 18-Jul Ecclesiastes 1-5 * Searching for Happiness
19-Jul Ecclesiastes 6-10 * Will Work and Wealth Equal Happiness?
20-Jul Ecclesiastes 11-12 * Fear God – Keep His Commandments
Song of Solomon 21-Jul SONG OF SOLOMON 1-8 * SONG OF SOLOMON 1-8
Isaiah 22-Jul Isaiah 1-5 * Repentance – By Choice or Force?, N Sween
23-Jul Isaiah 6-9 * Weaving Good News and Bad News, N Sween
24-Jul Isaiah 10-13 * When the Lord Intervenes, N Sween
25-Jul Isaiah 14-18 * Israel, Babylon, Assyria, Moab, Damascus, Cush, N Sween
26-Jul Isaiah 19-23 * Egypt, Edom, Arabia, Babylon, Jerusalem, Tyre, N Sween
27-Jul Isaiah 24-28:13 * What To Learn BEFORE Your World Falls Apart, N Sween
28-Jul Isaiah 28:14-30:33 * Do You Recognize Salvation When You See It?, N Sween
29-Jul Isaiah 31-35 * Can You See What’s Coming?, N Sween
30-Jul Isaiah 36-38 * History Between Sennacherib and Hezekiah, N Sween
31-Jul Isaiah 39-42:12 * The Lord’s Plans For Intervention, N Sween
1-Aug Isaiah 42:13-45:14 * How Unique, The God of Israel, D Sween
2-Aug Isaiah 45:15-49:18 * The Lord Announces Something New, N Sween
3-Aug Isaiah 49:19-53:12 * Restoration After Babylon and Through Messiah, N Sween
4-Aug Isaiah 54-58 * The Lord Reveals More, D Sween
5-Aug Isaiah 59-63:10 * Looking into Confession and Redemption, D Sween
6-Aug Isaiah 63:11-66:24 * Ruins, Rebellion, Repentance, Redemption, N Sween
Jeremiah 7-Aug Jeremiah 1-3 * Is There Any Cure For Faithless Backsliders?, N Sween
8-Aug Jeremiah 4-6 * A Destroyer of Nations Has Set Out, D Sween
9-Aug Jeremiah 7-9 * God’s People: Charged and Sentenced, N Sween
10-Aug Jeremiah 10-13 * How Idol Worship Ruined the Covenant, D Sween
11-Aug Jeremiah 14-17 * What Wrong Have We Done?, D Sween
12-Aug Jeremiah 18-21 * Watching for National Repentance, D Sween
13-Aug Jeremiah 22-24 * Recognizing False Prophets, N Sween
14-Aug Jeremiah 25-27 * How To Survive Exile, D Sween
15-Aug Jeremiah 28-30 * Prospering In Exile, N Sween
16-Aug Jeremiah 31-32 * Property Rights, N Sween
17-Aug Jeremiah 33-35 * The Value of Obedience, N Sween
18-Aug Jeremiah 36-38 * I Hear You, But I’m Not Listening, D Sween
19-Aug Jeremiah 39-42 * Jerusalem Falls – Egypt Calls, D Sween
20-Aug Jeremiah 43-46 * False Worship Continues, N Sween
21-Aug Jeremiah 47-49 * The Lord Warns Israel’s Neighbors, N Sween
22-Aug Jeremiah 50-51:26 * The Future and Babylon, D Sween
23-Aug Jeremiah 51:27-52:34 * Final Thoughts: Babylon, Jerusalem, Jehoiachin, N Sween
Lamentations 24-Aug Lamentations 1-5 * When the Loss is Too Much, Too Hard, Too Impossible, N Sween
Ezekiel 25-Aug Ezekiel 1-4 * Ezekiel, A Prophet In Exile, N Sween
26-Aug Ezekiel 5-8 * When The Lord Rejects Rejection, N Sween
27-Aug Ezekiel 9-12 * Derailed In Jerusalem, N Sween
28-Aug Ezekiel 13-16:23 * False Prophets and Forgotten Love, N Sween
29-Aug Ezekiel 16:24-18:13 * “Like Mother, Like Daughter”, N Sween
30-Aug Ezekiel 18:14-20:49 * Changing the Covenant Agreement, N Sween
31-Aug Ezekiel 21-22 * No One In The Gap, N Sween
1-Sep Ezekiel 23-24 * When Wasting Away Reveals The Lord, N Sween
2-Sep Ezekiel 25-27 * The Lord Hears National Responses To Israel, N Sween
3-Sep Ezekiel 28-31 * The Lord Deals With Pride, N Sween
4-Sep Ezekiel 32-33 * Warnings for Terrorists and National Security Watchmen, N Sween
5-Sep Ezekiel 34-36 * On Hating Israel and Profaning the Name, N Sween
6-Sep Ezekiel 37-39 * Focus on Israel: Disaster and Recovery, N Sween
7-Sep Ezekiel 40-42 * See the Temple Ezekiel Was Shown, N Sween
8-Sep Ezekiel 43-46 * The Final Temple, N Sween
9-Sep Ezekiel 47-48 * Israel’s Future, N Sween
Daniel 10-Sep Daniel 1-3 * In Chains and Exile, N Sween,
11-Sep Daniel 4-5 * Nebuchadnezzar, N Sween
12-Sep Daniel 6-7 * Thanking God – for Exile?, N Sween
13-Sep Daniel 8-9 * Foreknowledge, N Sween
14-Sep Daniel 10-12 * Insight and Understanding, N Sween
Hosea 15-Sep Hosea 1-5 * Hear and See O Israel
16-Sep Hosea 6-9 * Where Is Your Pride?
17-Sep Hosea 10-14 * Punished For Sin, Then What?
Joel 18-Sep Joel 1-3 * Disasters Get Attention
Amos 19-Sep Amos 1-4 * Problems With Justice
20-Sep Amos 5-9 * Judgment: Guilty
Obadiah & Jonah 21-Sep Obadiah 1 + Jonah 1-4 * Treatment of Non-Believers
Micah 22-Sep Micah 1-4 * God’s Promises: Unconditional?
23-Sep Micah 5-7 * The Lord’s Requirements
Nahum 24-Sep Nahum 1-3 * The Lord’s FAQ for Gentiles
Habak + Zeph 25-Sep Habakkuk 1-3 + Zephaniah 1 * The Lord’s Punishment and Anger
Zeph + Hag 26-Sep Zephaniah 2-3 + Haggai 1-2 * Warning! Warning!
Zecheriah 27-Sep Zechariah 1-4 * Special Offer: New Beginning
28-Sep Zechariah 5-9 * Connections
29-Sep Zechariah 10-14 * What Will Happen To Israel?
Malachi 30-Sep Malachi 1-4 * Warning: Respect the Lord
Matthew 1-Oct Matthew 1-4 * Jesus’ Background and Preparation, D Sween
2-Oct Matthew 5-7 * Sermon on the Mount, D Sween
3-Oct Matthew 8-10:23 * Watch Jesus Teach, Explain, and Heal, N Sween
4-Oct Matthew 10:24-12:50 * Kingdom Membership, D Sween
5-Oct Matthew 13-15:20 * Parable and Life Teachings, D Sween
6-Oct Matthew 15:21-18:14 * Teaching Through Conflict, D Sween
7-Oct Matthew 18:15-21:17 * Prayer, Reverse Order Truth, Prophecy, N Sween
8-Oct Matthew 21:18-23:26 * The Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ Best Shots, N Sween
9-Oct Matthew 23:27-25:46 * Getting Ready to Meet Messiah, D Sween
10-Oct Matthew 26:01-27:26 * Signs of Jesus’ Impending Death, N Sween
11-Oct Matthew 27:27-28:20 * Death, Resurrection, Servant Assignments, N Sween
Mark 12-Oct Mark 1-3 * Healing, Forgiveness, and Answering Questions, D Sween
13-Oct Mark 4:1-6:11 * Spreading His Message: Healing, Parables, and Hometown Disbelief, D Sween
14-Oct Mark 6:12-8:16 * From Healing to Getting the Message, N Sween
15-Oct Mark 8:17-10:31 * Eye Witnesses And Further Training, D Sween
16-Oct Mark 10:32-12:44 * Sending the Son – Messiah!, D Sween
17-Oct Mark 13-14 * Watching and Waiting to the End, N Sween
18-Oct Mark 15-16 * The Plan Unfolds: Forsaken and Resurrected, D Sween
Luke 19-Oct Luke 1:1-2:24 * Reactions to Angel Messages, D&N Sween
20-Oct Luke 2:25-3:38 * Preparation of a Promise, D Sween
21-Oct Luke 4:1-6:18 * Spiritual Power Throughout Attacks, D&N Sween
22-Oct Luke 6:19-7:50 * Practical Applications for a Godly Life, D&N Sween
23-Oct Luke 8:1-9:27 * He did WHAT? He said WHAT?, D Sween
24-Oct Luke 9:28-11:13 * Lessons By Demonstration or Parable, D Sween
25-Oct Luke 11:14-12:59 * Jesus Continues Teaching His Disciples, D Sween
26-Oct Luke 13-15 * More Demonstrations With Parables To Explain, Sween
27-Oct Luke 16-18 * Speaking With Parables and Proverbs, D Sween
28-Oct Luke 19-20 * Reaching out to the Lost, D&N Sween
29-Oct Luke 21-22 * Betrayed and Disowned, D Sween
30-Oct Luke 23-24 * Jesus Died and Rose Again, D Sween
John 31-Oct John 1-3 * In The Beginning Was The Word, D and N Sween
1-Nov John 4-5 * When Words of Praise Don’t Count, D Sween
2-Nov John 6-7:32 * Invited To Eat His Words, N Sween
3-Nov John 7:33-9:41 * Words To Set You Free, N Sween
4-Nov John 10-11 * Words That Raise the Dead, D Sween
5-Nov John 12-14:21 * Keeping, Speaking, and Obeying His Words, D Sween
6-Nov John 14:22-17:26 * Taking His Word For It, N Sween
7-Nov John 18-19 * Final Words, N Sween
8-Nov John 20-21 * Jesus Keeps His Word, N Sween
Acts 9-Nov Acts 1-3 * Believers In Transition, by “Theophilus”
10-Nov Acts 4-6 * A New Approach To God, Sween
11-Nov Acts 7-9:31 * One Died – One Was Born Again, Sween
12-Nov Acts 9:32-11:18 * How The Faith Spread, Sween
13-Nov Acts 11:19-13:52 * Early Believers Spread The Word, Sween
14-Nov Acts 14-16:15 * Hardships At The Entrance, Sween
15-Nov Acts 16:16-18:23 * Show the Jews, Then the Gentiles, Sween
16-Nov Acts 18:24-20:38 * Receiving the Holy Spirit, Sween
17-Nov Acts 21-23:11 * New Covenant Controversy, Sween
18-Nov Acts 23:12-25:27 * Through The Lower Courts, Sween
19-Nov Acts 26-27 * Is Resurrection Believable?, Deffinbaugh
20-Nov Acts 28 * In Chains and Exile, Sween
Romans 21-Nov Romans 1-2 * Who Is A Jew? Who is Approved By God?, by N Sween
22-Nov Romans 3-5 * Justified By Faith, by Sween
23-Nov Romans 6-8 * What A Change!, by Sween
24-Nov Romans 9-11 * What About Israel?, by Sween
25-Nov Romans 12-14 * God’s Mercy, My Response, by Sween
26-Nov Romans 15-16 * Exercising and Getting Stronger, by Sween
1 Corinthians 27-Nov 1 Corinthians 1-4 * Who Are You?, by N Sween
28-Nov 1 Corinthians 5-8 * Behave Yourself!, by G E Ertel
29-Nov 1 Corinthians 9-11 * Exercising Faith, by N Sween
30-Nov 1 Corinthians 12-14 * Spiritual Gifts, Love, Worship, by N Gomez
1-Dec 1 Corinthians 15-16 * Resurrection, by N Sween
2 Corinthians 2-Dec 2 Corinthians 1:1-6:2 * Father of Compassion and Comfort, by Doug McHone
3-Dec 2 Corinthians 6:3-10:18 * The Work of an Apostle, by Sween
4-Dec 2 Corinthians 11-13 * Dealing with Doubt, by Sween
Galatians 5-Dec Galatians 1-3:25 * Free Gift, by Tim Samoff
6-Dec Galatians 3:26-6:18 * Not By Law But By Grace, by Tim Samoff
Ephesians 7-Dec Ephesians 1-3 * Inheritance Issues, by N Sween
8-Dec Ephesians 4-6 * Prosperity From Prison, Sween
Phillipians 9-Dec Philippians 1-4 Cultural Warfare
Colossians 10-Dec Colossians 1-4 Rejoicing in the Face of Death
1 Thessalonians 11-Dec 1 Thessalonians 1-5 From Paul, With Encouragement, N Sween
2 Thesselonians 12-Dec 2 Thessalonians 1-3 Why God’s People Suffer
1 Timothy 13-Dec 1 Timothy 1-6 * The Care and Feeding of the Church, Joe Stanley
2 Timothy 14-Dec 2 Timothy 1-4 * Telling the Truth about Godly Living, N Sween
Titus & Phil 15-Dec Titus 1-3, Philemon 1 Titus and Philemon
Hebrews 16-Dec Hebrews 1-5 * Basic Christianity and Beyond, N Sween
17-Dec Hebrews 6-9 * Why A New Covenant Plan?, D Sween
18-Dec Hebrews 10-11 * Accepting God’s Plan: By Faith, N Sween
19-Dec Hebrews 12-13 * Accepting God’s Plan: Self-Discipline, D Sween
James 20-Dec James 1-5 * What If…?, by Nancy Sween
1 Peter 21-Dec 1 Peter 1-5 * In Training To Follow Christ’s Example, N Sween
2 Peter 22-Dec 2 Peter 1-3 * Faith, False Teachers, and the Day of the LORD, D Sween
1 John 23-Dec 1 John 1-5 * The Apostle John Explains and Answers Questions, N Sween
2 John, 3 John, Jude 24-Dec 2 John, 3 John, Jude Recognizing False Teachers
Revelation 25-Dec Revelation 1-2 * Revealed: Instructions To His Churches, N Sween
26-Dec Revelation 3-5 * Churches and Heaven Prepare For Battle, D Sween
27-Dec Revelation 6-8 * The End of God’s Longsuffering Patience, N Sween
28-Dec Revelation 9-11 * Angels, The Sealed, The Unsealed, and 2 Witnesses, D Sween
29-Dec Revelation 12-14 * Satan’s Hatred Unleashes Tribulation, D Sween
30-Dec Revelation 15-17 * Seven Judgements and Political Prostitution, N Sween
31-Dec Revelation 18-22 * The Fall of Babylon and Satan Chained, D Sween
* New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem, N Sween