Ok, I’m really diggin’ the depth of knowledge and spirit-filled wisdom of David Pawson right now.  I love the fact that his videos on Youtube all look like they were filmed in the 80’s.  I like the fact that he’s old-school.  His props, like the one in this video appear to be drawn by hand.  Get outta here!  LOL

Being that Pawson, an ex-Methodist, is spirit-filled, believes in a (second) baptism of the Holy Spirit and all of the gifts, but also preaches and teaches directly from scripture (expository) makes him a pretty rare bird in these days and times.  From my own experience all evangelicals like to lay claim to “preaching and teaching the word”, yet few really do in a way that really covers much cohesive/comprehensive biblical ground.  And, it’s become relatively popular in recent years, among traditional evangelicals, to re-inject the Holy Spirit back into their world, but primarily in word-form only.  Sort of like the beloved family dog that gets fed and walked daily, but lives outside the home in a separate dog house 😉

Regardless of all that, I had to share this video of him explaining how both Evangelicals and Charismatics really need one another.  His diagram of concentric cylinders does a phenomenal job explaining how maturity and immaturity can exist in both types of churches.  One can have a wide base (with the expressions of gifts and charisma), yet lack the foundation really required for long-term, steady, spiritual growth.  That is, biblical, sound doctrinal preaching and teaching from the Word of God.  Which literally provides light to our path (Psalm 119), food for our nourishment (Matthew 4), and faith – by way of hearing the Word of God (Romans 10).  The opposite extreme often attempts to builds tall towers on a narrow base (little charisma, no expression of the gifts or baptism in the Spirit).  The preaching and teaching couldn’t be more sound, but the use of gifts and their value are not appreciated and expressed like they should be.  Often times the gifts and especially the abuse of them are heckled and teased.  I experienced this just recently, where tongues, prophecies and the gift of healing were joked about unmercifully, solely using abusive examples.  I made it a point to at least interject some balance in the group discussion, by making it clear that abuse does not take away from or erase the reality of the gifts and their value added to the church body.  We have to be equally careful of not grieving the Spirit (Ephesians 4), by not forsaking things like prophecy, for the sake of “playing it safe” at all times.

Okay, enough rambling.  Check out the video here, I think it will be a blessing:

Lord, make us into tall towers with wide bases……..