“But the lessons themselves are not a waste. The plain truth is that there are only two kinds of people in this world, and the ones who follow Christ will always be a misjudged minority. I pray that my children will have their primary identity in that holy nation, which will inevitably make them strangers, sojourners, and exiles on the earth.
Here, too, I want my children to be unashamed—to be allied with gospel and clothed in the beauty of Christ—and to be optimistic that the “power of God for salvation” might persuade someone to change his mind.”

Wow, what a powerful article!  You can read it here…..
My Family, In Black and White

BTW, I chose to post this as an intro to my next blog about the movie “The Butler”.  It seems like the perfect lead-in.  Stay tuned! 😉 “Lee Daniel’s – The Butler, and the imperative submission of ethnic identity to Christ”