“It is indeed right, for you made us, and before us, you made the world we inhabit,
and before the world, you made the eternal home in which, through Christ, we
have a place. All that is spectacular, all that is plain have their origin in you; all
that is lovely, all who are loving point to you as their fulfillment. And grateful as
we are for the world we know and the universe beyond our understanding, we
particularly praise you, whom eternity cannot contain, for coming to earth and
entering time in Jesus.
For his life which informs our living, for his compassion which changes our
hearts, for his clear speaking which contradicts our harmless generalities, for
his disturbing presence, his innocent suffering, his fearless dying, his rising to
life breathing forgiveness, we praise you and worship him.
Here too our gratitude rises for the promise of the Holy Spirit, who even yet, even
now, confronts us with your claims and attracts us to your goodness. Therefore,
we gladly join our voices to the song of the Church on earth and in heaven
” – Prayer Of Thanksgiving ( Presbyterian/Episcopal Church)