The bible says that Lot was deeply distressed by the evil that he witnessed around him ( To get a full account of how deep and varied that evil was you must read more than one book of the bible to get the full story (, In the same way, the evangelical church often projects half-truths to the world around them, by not fully acknowledging the complexity of sinfulness in the world. As the old idiom goes – “Half the truth is often a whole lie”. We eagerly acknowledge some sins around us that are abominations, while ignoring the complexity and depth of abominable sins found in more broad/sweeping lists like those “hiding” in Proverbs 6:16-19: Many are deeply ingrained and historically rooted in dominate culture. Tragically, at times they’ve even found a home in the church. These sins include racism, greed (which the bible calls idolatry – violation of first commandment), and unjust war. All of them implicated in Proverbs 6:16-19.

A more recent example of this is the number of Christian leaders and parishoners who understandably addressed their serious concern for recent events like the SCOTUS decision from blogs to social media. I can appreciate that. However, only one week prior, many failed to equally and objectively address the Charleston tragedy. Even more disheartening, few (esp. evangelical Christian leaders) attempted to address the long-standing and unreconciled sins of America’s past and present that informed the perpetrator. I’m afraid that until we stop telling these luke-warm narratives by selectively expressing our deep distress over sin, we’ll continue to look like heroes from within, but too often Pharisaic to the outside world. If a lying tongue is an abomination we have some soul searching to do in the body of Christ. Now, someone, anyone, can reply “preach”, but sadly this don’t preach much in evangelicalism.

I suspect it doesn’t, because it casts a long shadow of conviction over us all.

Thank God for his grace that extends to us all.  Blessings.