Listen to this:

The conversation in this podcast is like no other I’ve heard, read, or contemplated regarding race in America in some time.  There are at least fifty blogs worth of fortified, deep conversation embedded within.

Here’s one thing to chew on…..

Perhaps this conversation is so refreshingly unique, because the perspectives and experiences of those sharing their viewpoints are so disparate.  They vary greatly – featuring a musical artist with a Southern Baptist fundamentalist background, who found that God and the “gospel” are far bigger than he thought. A Christian rapper from L.A. who grew up in hispanic culture, but finds much in common with a Neo-Reformed crowd.  A young man who grew up in the black church, but comfortably performs charismatic-type spontaneous worship music before predominately white audiences.  Yes, waving praise banners and the whole nine.  LOL.  What?!  As I’ve heard Tim Keller allude to before, (taking creative license to paraphrase here)……..

God was infinitely wise enough to hide a bit of his glory, revelation, and character within each culture.  In the messy process of fellowship, we discover the real definition of loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

I won’t say anymore.  Just listen.